When Africa Did Not Exist

Having spent a whole month trying to be so angry at the whole Kony 2012, I ha convinced myself of my objectivity. I even saw the whole poster on the back of the Applause Africa's spring issue, and for some reason, I just let it slip by. (although that could be a whole different story).... Continue Reading →


ARREST JOSEPH KONY….but before you do, please buy the $250 Kit to help you do that!

Okay, if $250 is too much, you can buy a cheap bracelet...only $10, but wait...want a special bracelet?...it will only cost you $30.  Don't want a bracelet...then how about a T-shirt? Oh wait... have you watched the documentary? Cried a little? You might have even been very angry that such a man exist... Alright. So... Continue Reading →

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