Where Are Leaders Like Dr. Elie Buconyori?

Burundi is burning. And we are watching it happen. Again. It seems that Burundi is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again- where the sins of our fathers become the sins of this generation. And I wonder, will God forgive us for watching our country shed more blood? Was a third term to protect mineral/oil interests, money, land grabbing etc worth the many lives that have been lost? Is this Tusti-Hutu dichotomy worth the pain and suffering we are causing each other?


Is Burundi Accepting a $2Billion Ball and Chain?

In a recent trip to Burundi, I had to reflect and wonder if really Burundians were either too jaded to care about their own country- Something to be said about the power of memory or if maybe, they didn't know any better. Both actually apply as I have found out. (but that is a topic... Continue Reading →

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