Bisila Bokoko and MacDella Cooper to Deliver Keynote Addresses at the 5th Annual Young African Leadership Symposium in NYC

The Council Of Young African Leaders will host the 5th annual CUNY Young African Leadership Symposium (YALS) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, New York. This year’s theme Transforming Africa Through Partnerships will focus on the importance of public and private partnerships, within the African community and abroad. The Young African Leadership... Continue Reading →


Why Sophia Bekele Should be Forbes “Most Inspirational Young African Leader”

It's not everyday you meet a woman who just makes you want to become a better you. Even if you knew you were a hustler, there are people in your life that will just push you, by essentially being rock stars, to become a better and excellent version of yourself. One of these people is... Continue Reading →

What if Africans Were Their Own Advocates?

What would it look like if Africans were their own advocates? What would it look like if young Africans believed- and truly believed- that the future of Africa was in their hands? by Divine Muragijimana These were the questions that I was asking myself while I was working with ONE in Washington D.C. During that... Continue Reading →


The Malala Yousafzai story in Africa

At 11, Mariam* discovers that instead of going to school, she will have to get married to an older gentleman. This means that she has to stop going to school. Her last act of defiance is running away and finding shelter with an international group that could protect her and find a way to continue... Continue Reading →


How to Write About Africa…..

There are Articles that are always a good read. So  I am sharing with you, one of my favorite articles that was brought to my attention by my friend Chris. Its funny, but oh so sadly true. This article was originally published in Granta 92. How to Write About Africa by Binyavanga Wainaina Always use... Continue Reading →


ARREST JOSEPH KONY….but before you do, please buy the $250 Kit to help you do that!

Okay, if $250 is too much, you can buy a cheap bracelet...only $10, but wait...want a special bracelet? will only cost you $30.  Don't want a bracelet...then how about a T-shirt? Oh wait... have you watched the documentary? Cried a little? You might have even been very angry that such a man exist... Alright. So... Continue Reading →


From Dinner Talk to Action- What African Independance means.

About two years ago, there was an article by the NY Times, that featured Senegal's celebration of their independence 50 years later. The 50-year celebration was to be observed by all of France's former colonies. That was all good and well, the only disappointment was that the real celebrations were not taking place in Africa,... Continue Reading →


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