Ottawa Kwanzaa

Imagine the green, black, and red of pan-Africanism in perfect harmony with the colours of the visible spectrum. Imagine the subtle dance of Caribbean music simultaneously cleansing the spatial distribution of energy. Imagine the aroma of island spices and seasoning before touching your ever-salivating palette. The clothes: kente cloth everything, the traditional imvuntano from Burundi,... Continue Reading →


Bisila Bokoko and MacDella Cooper to Deliver Keynote Addresses at the 5th Annual Young African Leadership Symposium in NYC

The Council Of Young African Leaders will host the 5th annual CUNY Young African Leadership Symposium (YALS) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, New York. This year’s theme Transforming Africa Through Partnerships will focus on the importance of public and private partnerships, within the African community and abroad. The Young African Leadership... Continue Reading →

Why Sophia Bekele Should be Forbes “Most Inspirational Young African Leader”

It's not everyday you meet a woman who just makes you want to become a better you. Even if you knew you were a hustler, there are people in your life that will just push you, by essentially being rock stars, to become a better and excellent version of yourself. One of these people is... Continue Reading →


Should Gender Matter? Revisiting the Gender Question: Women as Agents of Change

As African countries develop, we are seeing a new generation whose greatest opportunity is creating societies where their gender and age is an asset to their personal and career development, and not a liability How can we tap the full potential of women and young people?


So You Are: A proud African, Crazy about Africa…GOOD FOR YOU!

(Pat yourself in the back, and if you can't get a friend to do it for you). I mean these days, all it takes is for one "brilliant" individual to come up with a cliche that leaves the rest of us in a frenzy.... Let’s Get some things out of the way: There is an... Continue Reading →


From the Desk of an African Man…

There are probably many issues that could be discussed today, however, given that the Africa Cup of Nations is on, it is best to remind my fellow African females that we will get no attention from the men during this time. So for those who think that this whole African man phenomenon is exaggerated...enjoy this  ... Continue Reading →


Obama and Africa: Keeping Things in Perspective

 Is Obama better for Africa? The question had to be asked. Watching the third and final presidential debate Africans all over twitter and Facebook were applauding Obama’s statements and having the “ooh” and “Aha” moments. Yours truly was part of the twitter mob. As we watched the last of the presidential debates, as wannabe pundits... Continue Reading →


How to Write About Africa…..

There are Articles that are always a good read. So  I am sharing with you, one of my favorite articles that was brought to my attention by my friend Chris. Its funny, but oh so sadly true. This article was originally published in Granta 92. How to Write About Africa by Binyavanga Wainaina Always use... Continue Reading →


To Be a Fly on That Wall…..Times Magazine “Useless” 100 Most influential People in the World

Times' 100 most influential people in the World list is out. You have one guess to as how many Africans made it to the list...Three, if you count a quote by Dambisa Moyo, four...but if you want to claim President Obama as African, then you have five!  One of the largest continents and hmmm...only 3-4... Continue Reading →


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