Don’t you know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?

Subsequently real and Substantial changes will eventually occur. We are rejoicing in being alive but won’t just stay still.


When 96% of Africa Became Insignificant…or the Means to being Awarded

It has been months. Yes- Months since there was a blog written. But to be fair, a lot was going on.  I have made some transitions in both my personal and professional lives. I am seating on my new desk, in my new home office, and thinking of all the things that could be packed... Continue Reading →

Obama and Africa: Keeping Things in Perspective

 Is Obama better for Africa? The question had to be asked. Watching the third and final presidential debate Africans all over twitter and Facebook were applauding Obama’s statements and having the “ooh” and “Aha” moments. Yours truly was part of the twitter mob. As we watched the last of the presidential debates, as wannabe pundits... Continue Reading →

Akata or African Booty Scratcher? Appreciating the differences and Building on Commonalities

The term “African Booty Scratcher” might mean very little to many ethnic groups in the United States, but to young African immigrants in New York City and many other city with a high concentration of African immigrants, it holds meaning that reflects on discrimination they experience from their African-American counterparts. On the other hand, the... Continue Reading →

To Be a Fly on That Wall…..Times Magazine “Useless” 100 Most influential People in the World

Times' 100 most influential people in the World list is out. You have one guess to as how many Africans made it to the list...Three, if you count a quote by Dambisa Moyo, four...but if you want to claim President Obama as African, then you have five!  One of the largest continents and hmmm...only 3-4... Continue Reading →

Are Africans Being Set up for Failure?

Think of Berlin Conference of 1884-85....remember how Europeans sat down and divided Africa like it was a piece of meat? Aka the Scramble for Africa. Does anyone remember the devastating ramifications of that? No....Okay think of what is going on now in Nigeria, Somalia, Mali....Ethiopia. Still doesn't ring a bell? Okay, think of colonization, and... Continue Reading →

ARREST JOSEPH KONY….but before you do, please buy the $250 Kit to help you do that!

Okay, if $250 is too much, you can buy a cheap bracelet...only $10, but wait...want a special bracelet? will only cost you $30.  Don't want a bracelet...then how about a T-shirt? Oh wait... have you watched the documentary? Cried a little? You might have even been very angry that such a man exist... Alright. So... Continue Reading →

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