Delivering letters of acceptance to girls in Ashanti region

After meeting the Accra students, I returned to Kumasi to deliver acceptances to students at Esreso D/A2 and St. Augustine’s Anglican Primary. While all the students were happy to be accepted, Fauzia of St. Augustine’s was especially emotional. Following introductions, students were informed of their acceptance. I was mid sentence explaining that selections were based... Continue Reading →


Is This the African Awakening? Second Teacher Strike in Ghana

2011 was marked by the Arab Spring, a period of protests and revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the world. The Arab Spring gained a lot of media presence and attention. Little known about has been the African Awakening, a movement marked by marginalized populations throughout the continent protesting for equity. From Zimbabwe to... Continue Reading →

The Diaspora Returns: A Young Woman’s Journey to Running an NGO in Ghana

In the six weeks since coming back to Ghana to oversee the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, GEIG, I’ve had many joys and challenges living and working here. My greatest joy has been meeting the girls and being able to match their applications to their personalities. One of the first things I did was visit... Continue Reading →

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