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This blog was created with the intention of highlighting two things: HIV/AIDS in Africa , and the challenges faced by women and  OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable children) in different regions.  However, over time, as the name points out Africa for Africa has become a blog that highlights Africa on all levels-triumphs, struggles and critique of different policies related to the continent. There is a particular focus on Africa-African Diaspora Partnership in relationship to the soci0-economic and political changes in the African Continent.

The hope is that the blog can stimulate dialogue related to African issues.

Articles by contributors are the views of the authors and not necessarily of this blog.

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  1. Hey Joseph kony has moved all over east africa and so here’s my question how are you going to find him he’s gone on another track he knows we’re coming we need to help please we don’t want to do it over the next few years we need to do it his year he has been doing this over 26 years and this year is our goal to stop him the longer we wait the more children he takes children all over east Africa should not be afraid when they go to sleep so buy the joseph kony kit and donate a few dollars a month and put posters everywhere and we can stop Joseph kony


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