What Obama Said: Breaking Down the Executive Order on Immigration

by Charles Busari

Immigration ReformThe President recently passed an executive order on Immigration and to be honest prior to writing this piece I hadn’t even seen it. Soon enough news about what he said and its implications began trickling down my Facebook feed from various sources and I couldn’t even make out if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Somehow I had made up my mind


that since the republicans now controlled the senate and the congress they would repeal any laws Obama passed, so I just avoided the whole speech all together since its results would be inconsequential right? Wrong! It turns out the executive orders can’t be repealed by the Republicans but are still subject to review by the courts (more on that later).
Ok… So I’m not a politician and neither am I affiliated to either of the two major parties in the United States. But like every one living here in the US I am concerned and affected when a new law is passed or enacted. The trouble with getting news from main stream media is that depending on which one you listen to, it is usually polluted with various political undertones and sentiments so I decided to go to YouTube, watch the speech for myself and do some research into what it really meant. I discovered some really interesting things I didn’t know and I hope you will too. Anyway, here it goes…

Executive Order062514-executive-orders-v2_chart

Much have been in the news lately about the new Immigration reforms and the executive order just passed by President Obama last week. Depending on who you ask it either was a great speech and much-needed action on a subject matter than leaves millions of lives hanging in the balance or it was just the worst thing that could possibly happen to America since 911.

To start with, the Presidents spoke on just 3 areas, each of which go on to form a set of Executive Order to the Executive branch. I’m going to attempt to explore each point and describe exactly what that means both in laymen terms and by looking at the specifics of the order to highlight how it will be of benefit or affect all immigrants both legal and Illegal.

First a quick background into executives Orders –

  • Are Issued by the President (Head of the “Executive Branch”)
  • To help officers and agencies of the Executive Branch carry out the duties of the federal government
  • Have ‘FULL FORCE OF LAW’ – meaning it’s as good as a law passed.
  • Just like laws; they are subject to judicial review by the courts and can still be struck down if deemed to be “unconstitutional” (Not in line with what is written in America’s most important piece of paper “the Constitution”.)

What ‘He’ Said:

  1. Additional resources for Law enforcement personnel at the border – speed up process of deportation of those who cross over illegally and stem illegal entry.
  2. Easier and faster for High skilled immigrants to stay and contribute to economy – Paths to legalization for highly skilled illegal immigrants. ( Namely students and recent Higher education graduates)
  3. Take steps to deal with responsible to undocumented immigrants who already live in the country –
  • Prioritize deportation of the former over the latter as follows:
    • Felons over Families
    • Criminals over Children
    • Gang members over those who’s crime was to WORK with falsified documents (that are charged with fraud and currently being deported as criminals)
  • Paths to legalization for illegal immigrants that meet the following criteria
    • have been in the country for over 5 years
    • have children who are American Citizens or Legal residents
    • are willing to register as such(to be announced where)
    • pass a criminal background check
    • and willing to pay taxes – not sure if this will be backdated or not?

All those who meet the above criteria can now all apply to stay in the country temporarily. Onus still on congress to pass a permanent law with path to Citizenship.


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