The Baton Has been passed- Our Journey Continues


Our generation will never again see and know a man like Nelson Mandela. He was our hero. Indeed, we have been blessed. He paved the way for us to hope, to dream, and learn that we must fight for the future we want.

Like many of you here, you probably have a personal story as to how Nelson Mandela influenced your life. In 2000, when my country- Burundi- was in the middle of a 7 year old civil war, Mandela took it upon himself to bring the two warring parties on the table for peace negotiations.  I owe him my future in a country where we have learned to look beyond our ethnic divide and learn to live with each other in peace.

My country owes him our peaceful future.

Beyond reconciliation, he taught us to forgive each other.If there is one thing that we should all remember about him, it is that He believed in that we all have good in us. He believed that if we could see the best in others, instead of the worst in them, we would live in a much peaceful, and better world.

Never again will we see a man like Nelson Mandela. As we celebrate his life, our generation should not forget his struggle.
He has completed his long walk to freedom, and he has passed the baton to us.

Each generation has a mission to fulfill- and our generation has been tasked with the mission to assure that Nelson Mandela’s legacy and fight for peace, Justice, forgiveness, equality and reconciliation lives on. He has left big shoes to fill, and while we might never achieve as much as he did, we must try. We must make sure that we keep walking and fighting for a better Africa, a better world.


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  1. I like your comments. Mandela should serve as a model to African leaders, to Young générations who have to build their future on love, forgiveness, justice and integrity


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