An Africa We Want

There is an Africa we want- but it won’t come without a fight.

But that is the problem. Everyone talks about the problems in Africa. It just seems like it has not occurred to Africans that the handouts won’t be the way out. The amount of Aid that is flowing into Africa could make the continent almost richer than God.- Almost. However, the state of the matters is that the continent is still poor. Development is slow-= that is not to mention the many other perils which seem to not faze those who live there.
When will africans realize that until they stand up and fight, the rest of the world will work very hard to swallow them whole?  China is in the mix now, and if Turkey has anything, they won’t be left behind in plundering the continent of its good.

It seems that there is a formula on how to screw up Africa that is floating around. There is at least one book by a Turkish politician who seems to think that Turkey is behind in plundering Africa.

This is not a joke anymore. Tunisia rose up, and Egypt followed. Now there is Libya possibly ousting a very demented leader. Add South Sudan, and you’ve got quiet a conundrum of issues pending. If there is no action. If the dragging of feet continues, then what is the use of the revolutions? The problem: NO LEADERS! Which is actually sad considering that there were a lot of revolutionary leaders who stood up for freedom. This is not to say that a revolutionary leader makes a good national leader- but someone has to stand up.  South Sudan has no leader to speak of. Egypt- they are defaulting to their military regime (unless one believes that the Military will just give up power)- that is left to your own interpretation or rather prediction.

And libya? Well right now, we have an insane man who is holding to the threads of power. The UNSC has issue sanctions, and without protocol has referred Qaddafi to the ICC.  Internationally, and judiciary this is going to destroy any chance of justice in African governments. The last thing that we need is African governance undermining the promise of this court in providing the necessary means for victims to attain justice in the continent.

Before this ends- remember, Mubarak was a friend of the US until the people showed up and the US hid in shame and demanded for change- but people had to show up and fight- Demanding for their rights to their land.  Qaddafi was a friend to Europe and Britain yes- but the people showed up, and said NO! You want our oil, then kick the murder out of govt.  Ben Ali was no enemy to anyone who wanted to exploit his country- and finally the people pushed him out. PEOPLE! that is the common factor!

So what then? Are really going to seat this out? It is our fight, and we need to show up. Egypt, Tunisia, South Sudan and yes…Libya has come to the forefront. We do not ask for arms, we do not ask for blood shed. But we do need to stand up for ourselves. Trust- ignorance is not bliss.


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