The Price of a Revolution?

The UN General Assembly is in session, and if you have not heard the words “Arab Spring” over and over again, then you were not listening.  It has been now the super example of democracy..but is it?

When the Arab spring became an Arab fall there were celebrations in the west at the fall of the dictators and as Libyans took the life of their own leader the US and its NATO allies celebrated at the “process of democracy”. Like a commodity democracy was being sold for a small price. Or maybe the price was not small after all. It is surprising that there was shock when the celebrated democracy turned to bite them in the back. As the west turned around to celebrate their victory over Qadhafi, the Innocence of Muslims was released and thus the west saw the other side of democracy-the price of freedom. In a matter of hours the west particularly the US learned that democracy is not a commodity and cannot be transported.

When a real estate developer becomes all of a sudden an expert on religion and foreign affairs then we do need to worry.  Can someone blame the Muslims on their rage? Maybe not but neither can we condone their actions in Libya. In the recent weeks, protests in Cairo and Benghazi were the talk in news, and escalated as the death of a US diplomat became the prices for what has been a gruesome process.

In this unfortunate incidence both sides are culpable. The West for making international politics a matter of one religion against another and a matter of the color of one’s skin. The protesters for taking a matter into their own hands for what was and is a stupid and awfully produced film.

But then again you wonder why is it that violence escalated to death in Libya and not in Egypt?  For  many months the Libyan rebels were told that nothing is impossible. They were told that it was okay to kill as long as NATO had their back. They were told that it was okay to kill their own leader- so how did NATO not see that this would backfire on them?

At the end of the day, why is it we never learn that there is no cookie cutter solutions to years of oppression? Particularly that military intervention for domestic matters never really end well. It is time to face the fact that Democracy while it carries a price, is not a commodity that can be transported from one country to another.


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