BIASED WESTERN MEDIA- and what African Media is doing About it!

Is it just me, or did Africa lose one of its good presidents? Okay…so that was not me, because John Atta Mills did pass away two days ago.
But this I missed in the news yesterday and today. Atleast in western media. Yesterday I thought, well, maybe their clocks were slow, and they didn’t get the news on time… but then I looked today, and NADA.  Even on African time, in two days, these news outlets should have found out that Ghana, one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, has lost its president.

Is it because Mills died of a disease and not a hanging, or shoot-down with rebels? HOW DARE HE DIE WITHOUT ANY COMMOTION AND DISRUPTION IN THE COUNTRY!!! That is the only way that these media houses could cover the story of this tragic loss.

And HOW DARE THEY HAVE A PEACEFUL TRANSITION? Don’t these people care that Western Media only cares about African stories that have to do with Poverty, disease and war?

On a serious note, these things happen all the time. The most celebrated, empowering stories in Africa are not told, or if they do they are on the back page, or in editorials. The stories of the Africans progressing, and the Africa that is the FRONTIER right now, are not told, because, lets be honest, who wants to hear that Africa is actually progressing, or that Africans are taking their destinies in their own hands….
WE do. We Africans want to hear those stories.

These are the same media groups that Africans and Africans in the diaspora are nearly obsessed with.   Its hard to imagine that the same platforms that tells just how the West cares about Africa, can deliver the biggest blow of all- THE WEST DOESN’T CARE ABOUT AFRICA (please, separate the people from the institutions because there are westerners who do care about Africa) As far as media goes, or even the US gvt is concerned- unless you are in trouble, and bleeding out, or ready to fall apart, they won’t pay attention to you.  But if you are at the brink of a war, the media houses will be the first to send correspondents to the troubled Africa.  So like the utter shock that comes from learning as a child that Santa really doens’t exist, we are learning that, hmm.. the West doesn’t care about Africa, and that INDEED, Western media is BIASED!

But  the the good news is that there is a rise in African media houses that are telling stories of Africa and Africans everyday. It has come to the point that the world does not need NYtimes, washington post, LA times or the Guardian for its news.  Now African media house are on the rise. Visit, allAfrica, Pampazuka, and other web media sites. You can also tune into Applause Africa, MediAfritiQ, Arise, African Vibes, Face2Face  …etc These media entities have slowly started reclaiming Africa’s stories, and telling them to the world.  Slowly, we as Africans are learning to tell stories that stay true to us, and go beyond the stereotypical image of war, disease and poverty that has been sold to the world for so many years.  Today, we tell the stories that are not only uplifting, but stories of movements and initiatives that are meeting the needs of Africa and Africans, bit by bit.  If a journey begins with one step, then the journey to Africans being able to tell their own stories has not only began, but a mile ahead.


6 thoughts on “BIASED WESTERN MEDIA- and what African Media is doing About it!

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  1. Oh please, cry me a river! I couldn’t finish reading this because halfway to it starts to sound more like ramblings that a clear minded essay. A one liner that stuck was that Ghanians should go into the streets protesting! About what?!!! “Western” media not covering the passing away of its president? Here’s the truth that Africans don’t like to hear, Americans and other nations of the world do things based on its own national interests. Its about time Africa starts to do the same!


    1. Ah, you are right. It is a rant. (nothing about an essay). However, I wish you would read until the end. If President Mills had died in an ambush, or if Ghanaians had protested, it would have been on the front page- for days. He died because he was sick. and there was a peaceful transition. Thus, it was not news?
      However, you do miss the point of the whole blog. Africans have already started doing exactly as you suggest. and as I point out, African media houses are the ones telling the story. Take the time and visit the sites I recommended:)


      1. “The West doesn’t care about Africa”. Hell, the West cares about its interests. Period! That’s the message you’re not coming to grasp. America is trying to clean up its own mess and you think Africa is its main priority? Go figure! But sure as the potentials becomes clearer and financial and economic returns begins to marginalized, the West will pounce on Africa. I mean, Who wouldn’t?! Its how it works, get over it. Western media is biased, the leaders are biased, the media houses you listed are biased which is ironic because most of them seem to focus more on cultural and entertainment news plus they lack quality contents . Of course, with lack of discretion who isn’t biased. Your “article” is biased!.


      2. Off course I am biased!!!! But All media, news, cultural, entertainment should be biased. The contention is when the output of news is tilted. The good news is that there is nothing to get over. This is the reality that we live in…A reality that most are oblivious to. And for your point on priority-Africa is on America’s agenda, because it is one of the routes to fixing “America’s mess”. You should tune in into American policies, and maybe the question won’t be if Africa is a priority for America, but rather “how and in What capacity” is Africa a priority for America. And as for the media you visited, I can speak for atleast five of them that have focus on more than culture and entertainment. But then again, these components are deeply embedded in Africa that you can’t miss reporting that.


  2. I appreciate your passion on this subject, but I think it’s important to look at it from the perspective of understanding what motivates the West. (Although note that Pres Obama did release a statement about Mills) This raises questions for me like what role did the West play in his death? History has shown that when an African country is doing well, the west is quick to disrupt the peace one way or another. It is very strange to me that the cause of his death is UNKNOWN. That is imminently troubling for me knowing what the west has done to past Great African Presidents like Lumumba, Sankara, Tafawa Balewa and many more. Often it looks like they are killed by their “peers” in opposition, but usually those “peers” are sponsored with weapons from the west who wants to use them as a puppet. Ghana just began exporting oil last year, thus they became very interesting to the west. Take note, and let’s watch closely what happens in Ghana over the next five years.


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