To Be a Fly on That Wall…..Times Magazine “Useless” 100 Most influential People in the World

Times’ 100 most influential people in the World list is out. You have one guess to as how many Africans made it to the list…Three, if you count a quote by Dambisa Moyo, four…but if you want to claim President Obama as African, then you have five!  One of the largest continents and hmmm…only 3-4 individuals? – let us not get into the politics of this. But just one point…There is nothing to celebrate because really, out of all those individuals that made it, only one is worth even mentioning- because let’s be honest Goodluck Jonathan is not an influential man, only a nuisance. (Thankfully he is not in dictator mode-not yet anyways)

Yet, wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall listening to the Times’  staff as they selected the greatest  individuals of the world?  Maybe you would have been puzzled as to how Jeremy Lin is one of the most influential individuals.  or even Tim Tebow…although he is a missionary of sorts.  Either way, there you have it. Egypt, Tunisian, Nigeria and Gambia made it.

But even more interesting a topic is the choice of the ICC’s new Prosecutor. Drum roll Please……YES! its a woman and African!  The second prosecutor of the ICC is not only African (which almost makes sense), but its a woman.   Interestingly enough, the woman is from South…not West…Double Shocking there. Oh to be a fly on that wall indeed!

(Although that might perpetuate the myth that the south is much more reasonable and probably peaceful than the West  part of Africa. Or maybe it might be that African women are the much more peaceful kind thus more suited for the ICC.)

Anyways, on June 16th, Ms Fatou Bensouda from Gambia will take the seat as the ICC prosecutor. If you are familiar with the ICC’s history, then it is much befitting to have an African taking charge of this international entity. Since the beginning of the formation of the ICC, Africa has been the largest bloc in support of the court. African delegation actively, if not persistently, participated in discussions regarding the creation of the court, with forty-seven of these states available for the drafting of the statute. Presently, forty-three states are signatories of the statute with thirty states having ratified the Rome Statute.  Furthermore, there are approximately one thousand African civil society organizations that have actively advocated for the African States to comply with the ICC in their investigations. They are also members of the International Coalition for the ICC, a global organization meant to rally up support of the court.

So maybe, Africa is going to get its day in court after all  with this new prosecutor in town!


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