A $200 Million Insult to Africa

In an Africa where Mugabe claims to have beaten Christ because he has died and resurrected more times, a country is starved, and where a president curses in public only to die of a heart attack later, it is no surprise that the AU is so proud of its recent achievement.  China has bestowed upon Africa and its leaders-not its people though- a $200 Million building that is to house the HQ of the AU in Addis. It should be fair to say that African Leaders should enter this building wearing sack cloths…if not to mourn the loss of their dignity, then to just mourn for their lack of shame. This so-called “gift” is an insult to Africa. Especially since the AU is the single most important institution for Africa! How did anyone in their right mind agree for the  Chinese to build Africa’s most important infrastructure-even though the AU is a mighty joke?  This is where an African Shakespeare equivalent- Soyinka or Wa Thiongo will do- needs to  seat down and write a tragedy titled ” Fooled Once, Fooled Twice”.

HE Meles  Zenawi talked about the “African Renaissance”, during the opening ceremony. It sounded even more corny than when Thambo Mbeki made the famous speech on a reincarnated Africa! Apparently, African countries now want to be like China. So instead of learning from them, they are letting them build their institutions.  So there goes Africa’s unity. In fact, forget the last 50 years of independence for the African Countries. So much for  all those celebrations!

Dear African Leaders…aka the Old Guard… Pay attention, because this needs to be said only Once: China is not any better than the US, UK,  or France! They will rape you, plunder you, chew you, and when they are done with you, they will spit you out.  All this rubbish about China helping African economies would make sense, only and if only, the Chinese were not using their own resources, including human capital to build the very infrastructures you are so proud to parade around. And then you have the childish audacity to stick it to the West for their lack of faith in Africa…the only problem is that you give them the reason to actually take advantage of you!

Every African should mourn, and if mourning is beyond your sensibilities- then at least have the audacity to feel insulted! This time, Africa is being cornered from both the East and the West. The East says, here is a gift, but let us come in and run your money for you, and the West are coming for a second round with their EPAs saying, we take your resources and you get nothing in return!…and all this time, Africans in the Diaspora gather in conferences, and have meetings, and continue their very same fluffy conversations, oblivious to their economic feet being sawed off slowly.


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