Are Africans Being Set up for Failure?

Think of Berlin Conference of 1884-85….remember how Europeans sat down and divided Africa like it was a piece of meat? Aka the Scramble for Africa. Does anyone remember the devastating ramifications of that? No….Okay think of what is going on now in Nigeria, Somalia, Mali….Ethiopia. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Okay, think of colonization, and just how much Africans are yet to get over that.
The only problem now is that it’s happening again. Only it is in Brussels. Has anyone heard about the Economic Partnership Agreements…otherwise paraded as the EPAs? Think of the EPA as a long, very long and strong rope intended to tie up African countries. The most vulnerable off course are the LDCs otherwise known as the least developed countries of Africa. So here is the deal, for Africa to trade with Europe, it has to eliminate tariffs and some other trade restrictions- in other words, African markets will have No upper hand, or even an equal hand in economic transactions with the EU. Thus, Africans remain economically oppressed, and Europe gets off with the riches. – Oh wait, that sounds like Colonization!
Now, this would be amusing, if and only if EU has just not found the scapegoat for getting out of its economic fiasco- yes, Africa is being set up again. And like many other things like Kony 2012, they are led to believe that it is for their own good.
Advise: Africans need to get copies of Walter Rodney’s “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” and read it again. This time, like their livelihood depended on it.  Maybe one can at least get a copy of Franz Fanon’s work- read that too. Otherwise, we are going to watch history repeat itself again- and this time Africans will be culpable for their ignorance of the matters at hand.


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