African Activism

African Activists are a dime a dozen. Good activists on the other hand are hard to find.

It seems that African Activists, love them if you must- have forgotten the one problem that is not helping them along- the cloud factor.

Everyone seems to be on the African Bandwagon. We speak of Africa trending, but that is not particulary a good thing. You see for every trend fades away, and sometimes, the ramifications are not always so glorious.  Every Activist is trying to make a case for themselves. Every activist wants the world to know that their people are the ones that suffer the most.

The stories you see are about the “little boy who was killed on his way to school”. or the girl somewhere in an african conflict-zone raped.  Again, these stories are a dime a dozen.  For there are a lot of people who died, who had no reason to.  Again cloud factor. They forget that each country has their problems, and that whether people are dying in the congo, in somalia, Cote D’ivoire, or even in Zimbabwe, there is someone that is making noise.  So what should the world be paying attention to?  Even more specific, what should the west be paying attention to. ( always a puzzle why every activist is shouting to the west, and not the AU)

This is rather sad. Activism is like marketing. Your find your target, and make it concrete. You never want to sound like the other “guy”. you find that by making your case, you distinguish your problem from the rest of Africa.You do not want to go in the streets holding signs, or having petitions, or rallies, with no end goal. and no plan.

African Activists have to fight SMARTER. STRATEGICALLY! Because, if you are fighting for the Somalians, there is a chance your cause might be confused by that of the Congo, or even, that of Ethiopia. After all, some people still think that Africa is one country.


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