African Union- The African Mob

The african union has become the place to be if you are a leader that wants to get away with causing suffering to your own people and become rich along the way.  Infact, they grey matter has become a reality rather than theory for the African union.

Sure; among its many mandates are :

To rid the continent of the remaining vestiges of colonization and apartheid; – Which is why they are letting China build their HQ ! Talk about a joke

To promote unity and solidarity among African States: Which is why Africa is divided, even among its own leadership.

To coordinate and intensify cooperation for development; to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States and to promote international cooperation within the framework of the United Nations– Which is why they are pissing off the UN, and doing little for sovereign integrity…oh and lets not forget the South Sudan has just seceded!

First it was Sudan and now it is Libya- although to be fair  these two countries are the most glaring of examples of the failures of what has become a bad version of a band of brothers.
About a week ago,  the AU deliberated on whether Qadaffi should be arrested by the ICC or they should give him the chance to step down with dignity. At the end they decided that Qadaffi should be given more time to kill more people before he steps down or keels over and dies.  Off-course being that he is a peer among gangsters gave him more leverage when weighed against the masses that he has been killing everyday.

Is this a joke? Somehow the reality that this man who has caused so much pain and brought so much shame to the people of Africa is lost to the AU. Instead he is being given time to find a “dignified” exit! Listen to that.- The man who could look at children and shoot them point plank is considered dignified.

One has to wonder when will African leadership stop looking like the circus and actually have the guts to stand up for justice!

Is the irony lost to you? The african union is an organization that can accept to have its buildings built by the Chinese, yet to stand up for its people it takes a riot of youth to make the participants realize that it’s time to stand on the side of the populace and not the gangster in so-called leadership.


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