Changing the Rules of the Game

There is something decidedly heart breaking  every time one considers the situation in present Africa. You have to wonder what the future might look like.
But looking closely you see another emerging emotion. Hope. This is the hope rising from ashes, the hope that maybe the future generation can see a better future. The only challenge?  -We need to start working on that right now. Probably the first place to begin is going to be the de-victimization of the African people. If we are to be the deciders of our fates then we need to start by not continually making our selves the victims when some of these circumstances were of our own making. We need to stop being enamored by all that glitters for all that glitters is not gold.
We call ourselves young nation-states, but is that really true? We keep acting like Africa did not exist before the arrival of Europeans. The to top it off we are so enamored by those who put us in the mud we forget that we are still in the mud only it has been made to look like it is the best place we should be. Standing in the mud we want their houses, their countries, their cultures, while we slowly forget our own cultures. The problem is not that we have adapted to the rest of the world, it is that we forget to synthesize the pop culture with our own cultures. We have sold out the best of us for the glamor of our captives and in the process forgetting our cultures and customs along the way.
Yet in the midst of this we are fighting for our own our significance. We fight for development and democracy but we do so following rules that have been set by other people. Set by institutions that are not familiar with africa. Neither of the theories or institutions are set to the interest of Africa.

Africans and their leaders have to realize that there are no rules to development. However we have been convinced that the only way to develop is by the use of the Bretton institutions whose presidents are apparently into whoring themselves and abusing women- not to mention their positions. How are these supposed to be our  role models in development. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?
The rules of developed for the western countries cannot apply elsewhere. That is evident in all the semi-periphery countries. The Asian tigers have been set apart as examples of development. That is great but what is not told is that development for these countries was home grown.
The experience for the west is different than that of Africa. Doesn’t it make sense that the  modes of development would be different? Then why are policies enforced on countries that are barely independent by use of policies development by economists who use the modes  of countries that have been independent for centuries?  The whole era of the industrial revolution skipped African countries, and now the countries are playing catch up. The question is then- Until when?

There is a saying that if the rules of the game changes, then you either play by the new rules or quit the game.  There are loopholes in this logic. One, rules were made because they can also be broken, and two, anyone can set the changes. Africa is always playing catch up to the rules that are constantly changing, and not by their own measure. Hence, they have to always hustle. Isn’t it time that Africa changed the rules of the game? They own the resources and have leverage on production…maybe it is time to say that the world can also learn to play by different rules where Africans are not the ones playing catch-up.


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