A whole New Resolution….

(taken from : http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/758/the-responsibility-to-protect_notes-on-libya-sovereignty-and-the-un-security-council)

Shouldn’t we thinking that maybe a whole different resolution should be considered here. I mean, if they can go to Libya…lets go crazy and get rid of the world’s tyrants. Right?

Recalling the unwillingness of the Security Council and the International Criminal Court to initiate investigations about allegations of war crimes committed by the U.S., the U.K., and other “Great Powers” in Iraq and elsewhere;

. Recalling the illegitimate and undemocratic structure of the United Nations Security Council, which grants permanent seats, and veto rights, to “Great Powers”;

. Underlining that the UN Security Council does not have an authority to speak in the name of humanity or the international community;

. Affirming that the citizens of Libya have taken their destiny into their own hands by an uprising against their government, and that they are the legitimate deciders of their future;

. Noting that the threat of war crimes prosecution may create perverse effects and incentives, and that more state violence may be unleashed on Libyan citizens as a consequence;

. Observing that the strengthening of measures by the United Nations Security Council may involve an international intervention justified on the grounds of crimes against humanity;

. Concludes that the UN Security Council Resolution 1970 further exposes the double-standards of this institution which arrogates itself an authority to decide on behalf of humanity.


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