The Strength In An African Woman

In commemorating both women and those of African descent, it is wise to consider that women have become the poster board on a lot of issues that ail the world. So this time- why not conflict?  The question to ask is what is the role of women in conflict resolution, and how can their efforts be magnified? Women make up and hold the African Society. They have played and continue to play a critical role throughout Africa.  However, in times of conflict, they are not only targeted and used as weapons of conflict. Therefore, by degrading women, targeting them specifically, those who commit the violence seek to undermine the very fabric of society.

In countries like the Democratic republic of Congo, Sudan, Burundi, Somalia and Rwanda, the women are acutely targeted, and the violence against them is waged as a weapon of conflict. However, when it comes to resolving those conflicts, women’s involvement while significant is not recognized as such, nor are they often involved in formal decision making in peace negations. It is well known that women have played and can continually play a significant role in preventing and resolving conflicts and promoting a culture of peace. However their efforts have to be magnified because they are the ones who are most affected. Women should be included in conflict resolution, because they are an integral part of the fabric of society, and in their old-age tradition of peace building, they could become a phenomenon in peace restoration. For African societies to achieve their political, economical and social objectives there will have to be a successful integration of women into the Nation-building project. Progress in Africa will depend to a larger extend on how successfully educated, empowered and integrated women are for the work that lies ahead.

However, the African woman having two strikes against her, 1. a woman, and 2. African, will have to work harder to achieve success.  The good news is that, she has been trained all her life to fight these battles.


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