And the Revolution begin….

Tunisia’s president walked out. For days the country was in chaos. The president after years of oppressing the people walked out and left his country in chaos. Such is the political discourse in Africa. But many for the first time in a long time the people are speaking and is a beautiful sight to behold even with the violence. The only path for such a revolution is for it to spread or end. in Africa it seems that it has become contagious. Like grass it spread to the neighbors. However, while this is good news, and maybe a bit scary, maybe we should look at the reality a bit.

It was not until Egypt followed suit that the us and the rest of the allies panicked. And the media blast was amazingly in your face.

Presently the crisis in Tunisia and Sudan have been momentarily been forgotten. Once again we are witnessing what American stronghold can do in a region. The US and it’s media does not care about these two countries because they don’t serve to the interests of the government. Anyone who thinks that their interest for Africa is the desire of democracy then should take a lesson in us politics. They never go where they go if they don’t have interests of sorts. Imagine the embarrassment if Egypt falls apart!

A revolution in Africa is possible, and the people will speak, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world will listen. The US with the other western allies will have to stop interfering with African politics, and maybe let this run its course.  At the moment, Tunisia and Sudan have been momentarily forgotten, and maybe for them, they have a couple of months to make a democracy of their own. Egypt is not so lucky. The US will interfere until it knows that its people, and its supporters are in government. Its just the way it is. Egypt poses a threat to Israel if there was a anti-Israel president. Nothing to do about it now- really. Nothing to do. The rest of the world will seat tight and watch as the Master Puppeteer works the magic to make sure that Egypt remains a puppet.

It is encouraging to see what is happening in Africa. It is also heartbreaking.  Does it take violence to build peace? Hasn’t Africa’s children shed enough blood? Maybe so, and maybe this is the last straw….the last mile before the breakthrough. For now, we seat and wait….and pray….and watch if hope really springs eternal.


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