Changing the African’s Psych

You can build schools, come up with the best economic plan, and basically have the best possible ways for Africa to improve. The problem is that, without a change of thought for the African, then you won’t be able to do much. The African man has been beaten down, over and over again. They are tired, yet they fight, and to their shame, the world sees them as nothing but their backwards cousins.

Africans have faced more than their share of problems. If it not natural, then its everyone else who is robbing them eyes wide open. That is demoralizing. To come from one imperialistic rule, to be subjected to another – it is to the credit of human incredibility that Africans have not totally gone bonkers.

So what I am suggesting? Nothing radical really. Simply invest in people. Change their thinking. Ask them to think beyond tomorrow, and the next meal…and you will find that the African can achieve more than possible.  Motivate them to invest in themselves, to see beyond what has been told them, and you will find that great innovation that has its roots in Africa, will return to africa.

Allow an African to be great. Invest in that man, in that child, and in that woman who dreams of becoming more than a tool of globalization. As Tony Robbins would say, “Change their state”.


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