Stay Alive longer in Africa? Stay out of Politics-and Kagame!

Apparently the Hotel Rwanda Hero is the new Villain in Kagame’s recent madness. Okay, given that its election time, Kagame has to come up with a strategy to keep the ICC and the IC out of his way as he rapes, plunder and beats the heck out of his people. Unfortunately, Paul Rusesabagina is the new target. I could honestly care less of what this chap does, but I can only think that he must be suicidal to have gone against Kagame-  A first-rate murderer at best. Off course he is going to be prosecuted! The others who have done what he has done are either in jail, in South Africa, or dead. Luckily, he got a movie deal, and he might just make the cut to escape Kagame’s brutality.
Yup, business is as usuall in  African Politics.


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