Why Africa Fails to Rise….

Forget that Africans do not have their own history taught to their kids….no no, leave that to all the other people to write about it. How many kids know about the Karne-Bornu trading?

None? okay….how about the great trading routes? The Nubian Africa? That’s just a few of many.

But as far as reasons go- Africans , we are a bit of the selfish type. We want to lead. We want the glory. We think we know what is best for the continent.

Not all of us, but most of us do.  I have lived or continually live the experience. For the last summer, spending an incredible amount of time trying to plan a series of celebratory events for Africa at 50, it was eye-opening to realize that We are all waiting for someone to do something. We want people to know what we think, but there is little action.

We fail to rise because even those of who want to see something done , will wait for someone else to do their dirty work. off course this is not a generalization, because there are those who are doing the work.

We have people in authority, but we do not have leaders.  We have technical solutions, but no real solutions that require real, hard work.


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