Anti-Gay Movements: The Scapegoat for the failures of African Leadership

It is no news that African Leadership has continually failed its people. In the last couple years, the citizens of these states have started protesting the atrocities allowed and committed by various leaders. The results are like what Kenya recently experienced, and what Somalia is going through. Or maybe, a perfect example is Sudan. A president who allows the killing of many, is to be arrested and then made head of the African chapter in the UN by its current leaders. Then there is the AU that is led by a true African gangsta. No question there.

Needless to say, African leadership is more like a mob syndicate than a band of brothers. They have covered the eyes of their citizens with thick wool- and successfully too.

Over the years, there have been several scapegoats At first, they pointed the finger at Colonialism, then they move to the whole West. Then they started moaning at how pressured they were with all the global changes that were taking place. Then they adapted social issues. Today, the Anti-gay movement is the new scapegoat.

The homosexuality debate has reached Africa- sadly, it has risen and been prodded over by American evangelists claiming to be experts on homosexuality. Now Uganda has an Anti-gay legislation to be voted in,  where homosexuality will be punished by death penalty. even scary is that Africans are starting to claim that they have the vision to see a homosexual on sight. They must be mind readers indeed.

Does Africa really need one more outlet of violence? The civil wars, the revolutionary movements, the child soldiers, the rape of women..that is not enough? now Uganda proposes a bill that encourage death, lynching, rape and other forms of violence.

What is surprising is that, this whole bill is based on the idea of Biblical justification and African moral values. To that, I ask: Where is the Bill that makes pre-marital sex illegal, and worth of death? The politicians who most are guilty of this would probably be the first to go if there was such a bill.

So  let’s be real…the African governments that are thinking of passing similar laws like that of Uganda need to start by becoming true leaders, before they pass their judgements on others. This is just another ploy to make sure that the citizens are so focused on beating up homosexuals that they ignore the leaders who are stealing from them, and not serving them at all. They will ignore the poverty, the lies they are told, and instead, the African man turns to his neighbor he “thinks” is homosexual and kill him. As far as strategies go- this is one that seems to be working very well.

The last thing Africa needs is an anti-gay bill or any bill that encourages violence on sight. Africans need to be smart about this- and quickly. Otherwise we will find ourselves fighting a war that was not ours in the first place.


4 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Movements: The Scapegoat for the failures of African Leadership

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  1. i am not sorry i don’t share the same ideology as you do…..yes some African leaders are ill and they support crimes that are dis-speakable but in what part of the world don’t leaders hide and protect their own as long as its not out of hand? And who says that because it is legal to be gay in one land it must be okay to do the same in every other land…there is something called culture and if in one culture it is okay to do one thing, in another culture it might not, so accept it. it is definitely not okay to pass a death penalty law against Homosexuality but neither is it okay to threaten Uganda or Impose anything on it against the will of it’s people! If democracy is gotten through the choice of the majority..why won’t the world accept the choice of the majority of Ugandans or do we still have to do what the lovely colonial master wishes? It is disappointing to see how all the so called world-powers are claiming they want peace and just involve themselves in the issues of Africa without the African people agreeing to it; claiming intervention and yet stealing before our eyes!
    Africa has to wake up! Get rid of its corrupted and corrupting leaders and get rid of the brainwashing from the western world leaders who instead of supporting Africa, they break the pillars from this mighty tower!
    I am bitter at the moment and just hope you are not an African because what you have written is not very much a clear mind of a true and objective African.
    God hold this land together.


  2. I find Uganda is entitled to its own views and laws but the laws have to be kept humane. Africa must be able to make its own decisions and live the consequences if any, with out ‘constant’ interference from other countries.
    tyrannical leaders must be sorted out one way or another but Western powers don’t always have to involve militarily.


  3. Yet no where in the article do I use the Western powers as justification of the anti-gay laws. You key word is “humane”- and a death penalty for sexual orientation sounds humane? I am sorry, but I find that sad, and ironic because African governments and African militias have killed people based on the being human- so forgive me if I don’t find it okay to restrict someone because they don’t go with the society’s flow.

    You might be an expert on the Ugandan Legislature, please do tell me if indeed the Democratic vote was by majority- because as I understand it- it was not. But again, I am simply an African from the neighboring countries, so I might not have read or heard right.


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