Waving the Flag: The African Train Has Arrived on the Platform

Africa is moving, make sure  you are not left on the platform. Better yet, don’t be late. This time, this train is waiting for no one to catch up.

Sure the World Cup, one of the major historical events in Africa, is over. But Africa is not done yet with the show. This time, vive Africa is not just a dream, but a reality. When K’naan sang of waving the flag, it was no joke. It is no flag of surrender. But think of the flag waved in Olympics. The race, is about to begin! Yes,  Africa has gotten older, and its waving the flag of freedom. The world has become slow on catching on though.

When Desmond Tutu, showed excitement, and jumped up and down with pure ecstacy, what did you think he meant by “feeling it” and “touching it”? Surely not football.  No there is more to that “it”. The future! The Ubuntu that is the riding principle of all that is in the African spirit.  Yes, football plays a big role in this. You see, for the yanks, football might just be football- just another game, but well, to Africans, that is just more than a game. The single game has bridged barriers, given hope, dashed hope, divide, united, and has left a lasting impact in a lot of lives- however, not deluding ourselves, that passion, is what yields the future.

The foreigners have left, and so have the vuvuzuelas all across the nations. But the question is- have you noticed the change? Can you really feel it? or do you think that for every African that is hopeful, then that is a dream? No, the future is here- for those who are not listening, there is sorrow to be felt. For those who are not ready to act, it is a shame.

Somali, , Dar fur and Congo are not the rule of thumb for Africa. Rather they are the exceptions to a continent that is rising with entrepreneurs, cultural revolutionists, economic gurus, and most importantly those people who have embraced globalization and have had the light-bulb moment on integrating into that economy.

You better believe that, when the whistle blew on July 11, the doubt that has inflicted african generations started to ebb.  The story now is that: Africa CAN do it.

Many African nations are at a point of Jubilee. Fifty post-European years. There are celebrations to be had. There are moments to contemplate. However, this does change everything.

Naivety would require a belief that Africa’s tremendous problems are over. Not so easy. There are very many challenges  ahead for the beautifully endowed continent. But with no doubt- the future begins now


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