The Heart and Soul of African Investments

There was an article this morning at Yahoo News speaking on investments in Africa and asking if Africa was ready. I think the better question is whether the rest of the world is ready.

Africa has always been ready. The problem is that the rest of the world has overlooked that little tidbit of fact. It might be the threat that Africa poses, was it to actually develop, and catch up to the rest of the world.

What is disheartening is that the world thinks that Africans are idiots. They forget that they have some of the “stupid” Africans running their banks and their investment corporations. Oh let us not forget that the governments and their corporations trust Africans with their money.  If Africans are to be idiots, then the world has to be impressed because they did survive the financial backlash- alteast better than it had been hoped.

However, let it not be said that the failure of trust is one sided.  Africans will have to make sure that they are ready for this change. Sadly, there are other issues at hand politically that might make this progress a hardship. Therefore these smart Africans, who have built their societies with toil and sweat need to strap up and work towards their success. Take advantage of these investments, and  use them to benefit them- Finally! They need to sign these contracts with a mind that Africans will be the ones working for Africa. If the Chinese want to invest in Africa, fine- but the Africans will be the major production source for the corporations. The work force has to be African. The last thing Africa needs is a stream of foreigners working on their lands, while they clean after them. That would be stupid.  If the corporations want to invest in Africa, let them  invest-  but the work force has to be African. It is imperative that the African leaders make sure that this is the case.  Africans need to be installed as the executives, as the managers, as the leaders in these companies- not just the cleaners and the secretaries.  For the heart and soul of investing in Africa is the Africans themselves. Invest in Africans, then invest in Africa,


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