Empowering Women and Girls

History has rendered that women in most African Societies are treated like second –class citizens. Yet, these women have proved to be better organizers and better caretakers than their men counterparts. Specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, where HIV/AIDS has crippled a lot of communities, women are shown to be carrying the burden of not only caring for their entire family, but also others as well. They are forced to cope with extremely trying life that surrounds them, most of the time, without any help from governments, local or international.

In the last couple of years, women have become the global face for HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The reason is quiet clear. 61% of the adult population in this region is women. This is not counting the 75% of the young women between the 15-24-age ranges. Among both groups of women from the age of 15-59, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death. More so, women are forced to feel the brunt of social and economic consequences of this epidemic. Therefore, it is crucial that women are an integral part of the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Empowering marginalized women and girls will unlock the greatest society. Giving these women the power to lead, and have the right to say NO to the impositions by the male dominated society will give the women more tools to fight the disease that takes them by the storm.

Empowering of women is not small cry anymore, marginalized women and girls need to be given the right to fight for their lives. This is not feminism, it is humanism.


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