A Slow Development

It is not news that Africa has become what I would like to refer to as “Charity dump ground”. It has also become the road to redemption for those who are a looking to feel good about themselves.

This off course is a cynic’s way of observing Africa.

Being an African, I have felt a bit entitled to maybe criticize the aid that goes in, and comes out of Africa. This off course speaks of bilateral aid in specific. Especially when it comes to tackling the MDGs….You see, the western organizations and corporations decided what was best for Africa almost a century ago. Funny, but that story has not changed even after years of Africans and their disastrous leadership attempted to change the course of History.

Even Africans fail to see who they are, and maybe have lost the significance of asserting themselves as intelligent beings who have so much to offer the world other than poverty and diseases.  there seems to be a failing in recognizing that Africa has much more to export than orphans, and memorabilia.

I might be shooting myself in the foot here. but how about taking some responsibility for ourselves?  It seems we keep pointing fingers to outsiders, and we fail to notice the four fingers that are pointing at us. Africa has failed women, and children. It has failed its youth. Women have gained much more gainsay lately, but with that comes the societal oppression of what they are “supposed” to be. Their roles of mother and wife seem to have been stamped on their foreheads, leaving no room for roles like innovator, scientist, politician, educator,…etc.  Children are nothing but an investment for the parents, but even then, a poor investment as they are neglected, and pushed to the extremes.

We recognize slow developments. and rightly so. We recognize the faults of the westerners on how they had our land, our continent, our motherland….but we have failed in making sure that we keep reminding ourselves  that we are at fault too. We ignore our own four fingers pointing at us


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